CDC Fact Sheets on HIV among Women and Transgender People


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced the availability of an updated fact sheet on HIV among Women, as well as a new fact sheet on HIV among Transgender People.

HIV among Women

According to 2009 HIV surveillance data, women represented 24% of all diagnoses of HIV infection among adults and adolescents in 40 states with consistent name-based reporting, according to the first fact sheet. At some point in her lifetime, 1 in 139 women will be diagnosed with HIV infection.

Black and Latina women are disproportionately affected compared with women of other races/ethnicities. In 2009, 57% of all new HIV infections occurred among black women, 21% among white women, and 16% among Latina/Hispanic women. The rate of new infections among black women was 15 times that of white women, and more than 3 times that of Latina women. HIV/AIDS was among the top 10 leading causes of death for black females aged 10-54 years and Latina females aged 15-54 years.

The complete fact sheet is available online at:

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HIV among Transgender People

Transgender communities in the U.S. are among the groups at highest risk for HIV infection, according to the second fact sheet. "Because surveillance data for this population are not uniformly collected, information is lacking on how many transgender people have HIV. However, data collected by local health departments and researchers has shown high rates of HIV positivity.

In 2009, the rate of newly identified HIV infections was 2.6% among transgender people compared with 0.9% among men and 0.3% among women. Again, the highest rates among transgender people were seen among blacks (4.4%) and Latinos/Latinas (2.5%).

Findings from a meta-analysis of 29 published studies showed that 27.7% of transgender women tested HIV positive, and in one study 73% of the transgender women testing positive were unaware of their status.

The complete fact sheet is available online at:

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